Sissy Alice Loves Big Thick Cock

My first time…

Hi, first off I just wanted to say thanks to you all for following my tumblr, your loves, your reposts and all your messages.

Now as some of you may have picked up I am a virginal sissy and have been awaiting the right man for my first experience. I have found him and we’re making plans to meet up so I can give up my cherry to him. One thing I always knew was that he had to be dominant and hung…and he is just right for both, he totally gets my need to submit and he is massive down there! A big thick 9 inches, and he produces so much cum!

He has made his intentions clear…he is going to break me in, to turn me out. He wants to make my ass his “pussy”. And to do so he is going to turn my curiosity against me to subvert my reluctance, that final resistance to the loss of my manhood to his masculine desire to assert his alpha male status over me. He tells me my begging and pleading and squealing is for naught…his huge cock is going to take my “pussy” and make it his…all his.

But he has also made something else clear, he wants to take me bare so that he can “breed” me, that he wants to mark me as his “pussyboy/slut/bitch” by coming deep inside me. He has told me that he is going to fill my “cunt” with “millions and millions and millions” of him…then do it again over and over and over, until billions and trillions of him are inside me.

I am so turned on by all this…I can’t wait until his seed is dripping from me, the millions and millions and millions of sperm trying to fertilize me as they become part of my body…my last vestiges of manhood being taken away after my deflowering as his potent spunk affirms my feminine role as the “girl”, penetrated and bred by alpha man-spunk.

I will tell you all once it happens…until then, love and kisses,

Sissy Alice.

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